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The Last HOA Meeting Minutes
January 18, 2024
7:00 p.m. The Venue at the Avenue Church

I. Welcome by Evan Esselman.

II. Introduction of Board Members by Evan Esselman: Jenny Seymore, Kristi Autrey, Ryan Pitts, Evan Esselman and Paul Box

III. Welcome new neighborhood members. If you are new to the neighborhood, we’d love for you to introduce yourself.

IV. Financial Reports presented by Paul Box.
A. First, let me introduce Matt Scott who has done an unbelievable amount of work for us in 2023. Our dues reports, emails, website, updates and SO MUCH MORE has all come from Matt. We want to thank him by providing a gift card as a thank you.

B. We have raised dues to do more neighborhood events including 4th of July Fireworks, Halloween festival and more. Fees are also helping the increasing costs of Christmas decorations, landscaping and other rising expenses.

V. Old Business presented by Evan Esselman.
A. Two meetings annually; January and June...ish. We’d like to know your opinion. We had one neighborhood member outside of the Board come to the June meeting. Do we need to have 2 meetings per year?

B. Street Lights. We ask that you call Navarro Electric plus an email campaign to ask the neighborhood to call.

C. The Architectural Committee includes Gary Lindsey, Jarrod Snider and Nathan Nichols.

D. We discussed Rotary Flags and will put a link on our website to make it available for the neighbors.

E. We need an accurate email address’ and will continue to encourage everyone to update it online.

F. Social Calendar
1. 4th of July Celebration
2. Fall/Halloween
3. Possible pickle ball tournament
4. Add all to website

VI. New Business presented by Paul Box.
A. We have gone electronic. We will use the website for official events and communication. There is also a Facebook site with unofficial business but will close that account.

B. Board of Directors Voting. The current board members willing to run again are Evan Esselman, Jenny Seymore and Paul Box. Additionally, Matt Scott and Lee Statham agreed to run. All were unanimously voted onto the board.
1. President Evan Esselman
2. Secretary Paul Box
3. Treasurer Jenny Seymore
4. Board Member at Large Lee Statham
5. Board Member at Large Matt Scott

C. Dog Issue: multiple complaints. Please be a good neighbor and keep your animal on a leash.

VII. Open Q&A. Chuck Tennant did ask what reports would be available online. Evan answered the basic bar chart of the financials and the meeting minutes.

VIII. Paul made a motion to adjourn and Lee seconded.

Members Present:
Paul Box
Matt Scott
Evan Esselman
Chuck Tennent
Lee Statham