Meet the Board

The Board of Directors forms the backbone of our Association, tasked with a range of duties to ensure the smooth operation of our community. These include adopting and enforcing rules and bylaws, electing Board officers, delegating powers, and preparing financial statements. They also manage assessments collection, address nonpayment issues, handle community complaints, and conduct disciplinary hearings. The Board ensures regular meetings, maintains common areas, and covers relevant taxes, assessments, and insurance costs. All actions are geared towards preserving a high-quality living environment for our community members.


Evan Esselman

Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Evan Esselman is well-versed in the financial nuances required to manage properties. With his expertise in asset management, tax mitigation, and investment strategies, he is poised to handle the HOA's finances adeptly. Evan is actively involved in his community, from The Avenue Church to coaching soccer, and serves as a dedicated board member. A graduate of Dallas Baptist University and a tropical plant enthusiast, Evan is eager to serve the HOA with his vast experience and unwavering commitment to service.


Jenny Seymore

As a devoted member and acting treasurer of the HOA, Jenny Seymore is dedicated to nurturing the neighborhood everyone cherishes. In her professional capacity as CFO of a local roofing and restoration company, she contributes significant financial expertise to the association. Jenny's passion for community, coupled with her financial acumen, guarantees that the HOA's funds are overseen with diligence and transparency. An indispensable asset to the community, Jenny plays a crucial role in the success of the association.


Paul Box

As a long-standing resident of Waxahachie, Texas, Paul Box has been serving the community as an Edward Jones financial advisor since 2002. He assists families in effectively managing their wealth with a profound understanding of investments, risks, and financial planning. Beyond his professional endeavors, Paul and his wife Natalie are deeply rooted in their community, taking active roles in the Avenue Church, YMCA, and the local non-profit, Walk in Love, Inc. Paul is committed to serving his community with the same diligence as he serves his clients.

Board Member

Lee Statham

Lee Statham, Director of Rural Home Lending at AgTexas Farm Credit, applies his extensive experience in financial services to his new role on our HOA board. His background includes key positions at First Financial Bank NA and AgTrust Farm Credit, alongside a commitment to community service as a director of the Waxahachie Rotary Club. Lee's expertise and dedication to community enrichment are invaluable assets to our association.

Board Member

Matthew Scott

Matthew Scott brings his expertise in IT and communications to the Spring Creek Grove board. He is responsible for managing the HOA's technological needs, including overseeing the website and email campaigns. His efforts ensure effective communication and streamlined digital interactions within the community, highlighting his commitment to using his professional skills for community betterment.